At Bay House Early Education we believe that all children are confident, competent and resourceful learners who are capable of constructing their own knowledge of the world around them. Our curriculum supports children to feel a sense of belonging, wellbeing and a strong sense of identity, they see themselves as constructive contributors to the community. They see themselves as valued, unique and powerful and they learn respect and responsibility. Bay House Children learn to care for each other, they learn a love of nature and respect for the environment and work towards developing environmentally sustainable practices.

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We feel passionate about the importance of the early childhood years, that ‘play’ is the most valuable form of early learning and that all of the enriching experiences that your child will participate in and contribute to will affect the kind of people they will become. Our role as a child care centre is to facilitate growth, development and learning of each child as an individual.

our curriculum includes story time
Bay House Early Education cirriculum