Bec - Director and Early Educator

Miss Bec

Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, Diploma Community Services (Children’s Services), Certificate III in Community Services (Children’s Services)

I am a Mum of one very bubbly 7yr old daughter named Skylar, my husband is Head of Department of Phys-Ed at a Secondary School.  We live in the Redlands and I’ve lived here since I was 2 years old.

The most enjoyable part of my role as Director at Bay House is the friendships I’ve formed with so many special children & families over the 11 years since I started in Child Care.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many inspirational Educators who really believe in the importance and value of Early Childhood Education and the impact we have on children’s development and learning outcomes.

It takes a very unique and special type of person to succeed in childcare services, and I’m privileged to be working with so many of them. My dreams for children? To spend time just being children, to be heard by the world and be truly loved.

Kristy - Director and Early Educator

Miss Kristy

Diploma in Childcare & Education, Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services

I commenced my career in Early Childhood Education in 1999 & joined the Bay House family in 2007. I am married with one child and one fur child.

As a young girl, whenever someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always a Teacher! I am very lucky to have fulfilled that childhood dream, having gained experience over the years as an Assistant, Group Leader, Assistant Director & now Director. My journey in Early Childhood shows I am passionate about each and every child having a bright & happy childhood.

I believe children should be allowed a childhood, to play, laugh, discover and learn. We have such a long time to be adults and have responsibilities, so childhood should be full of fun times!